Thursday, May 21, 2020

Where the streams converge

We watched DEVS, all eight episodes, it's a TV show, it killed some time, it also killed time for some. You need to work that one out for yourself.
Lockdown has become a space ship experience, a slow motion experiment, life lived travelling to some unknown point. Daily exercising, eating routines, small insignificant tasks, looking out of the window and seeing other, untouchable worlds, the fear of contact and entrapment. Messages of propaganda arrive along with messages of disturbance and non-compliance. Many mixed messages. Some question the journey we are on, there is talk of mutiny on other ships, rumours abound. 

State owned recreation hi-jacked by the private sector. In the dark, once the sun is on the other side of the ship we watch sci-fi, as if that would help. Theories and plots unfold in other fantasy worlds, parallel and strange in the private land inside their screen. We empathize, it's all that we've been programmed to do. We are powerless to resist. Somebody else wrote this stuff and those people are actors or CGI. Other people watch comedy or music videos. There is no single prescription that works.

Now we live only for the broadcast voice that will tell us of arrival, but we'll remain sceptical. There have been false dawns, sightings and promises. Facts that were not factual. So we continue to look out of the window for signs and into our own doubts and hopes for some daily chink of light or insight. There is little in the way of trust left. There needs to be a coming together, a convergence, a belief that we have made it. We're not there yet.

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